5 Things to Think About Bringing a Grown-up Cat Into Your Home !

tuxedo cat on gray cat condo

1 /. Recently received felines regularly cover up and avoid their new individuals.
A feline stowing away under the spreads. Grown-up felines may be more inclined to covering up when you initially receive them. “They need their own peaceful rooms where no other inhabitant creatures are permitted,” Marilyn says. “Help him develop by making a protected and secure space with boxes to stow away in, a vertical area to climb, scratching posts, happy with resting spots, sustenance, water and a litter box.” Never constrain a timid grown-up feline to mingle, Marilyn includes. “Allow him to sit unbothered in any event for the initial 24 hours so he can investigate his space alone,” she says. “After he’s acclimated with his new space, one individual can go into the room and sit on the floor. Influence positive affiliations and associations through nourishment, to play, a spotless litter box, and so forth.”